The many years of experience acquired allows us to provide assistance on lathes such as to ensure timely and targeted repairs on any machine.

The assistance service providedis for ordinary and extraordinary mechanical maintenance, in order to prevent the onset of inefficiencies and minimize machine downtime.

Our specialized technicians will intervene on site to identify the origin of any faults or malfunctions and will carry out on board the machine the repair operations necessary to restore the functionality of the machinery or replace faulty components..

Infatti grazie ad una vasta rete di fornitori e collaboratori possiamo reperire qualsiasi componente di commercio in tempi rapidi od eventualmente individuare e sostituire particolari obsoleti fuori produzione con altri reperibili che garantiscano la stessa funzionalità.

Furthermore, by offering the machine tool assistance service, we make our knowledge available to the customer and provide technical assistance in the choice / identification of the appropriate machine to perform certain processes according to the needs..


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