The constant presence on the market allows us to identify the best stocks of machines suitable to undergo a total transformation.

The multi-spindle lathe used is completely disassembled of the mechanical and electrical components, only those mechanical parts that can be used after a suitable overhaul of the lathe are kept . The lathe parts such as bearings, support bushings of the connecting organs are completely eliminated and replaced while the electrical part is entirely changed with a more modern and efficient one.

Lathes review phase includes performance of specific machining on the structure of the lathe to restore the conformity of drum housing seat, as well as the grinding of lathe’s external diameter. Radial and axial slides planes and guides are grinded with replacement and planing of gibs. Lathe’s components not recovered during the disassembly phase are built inside our workshops.

The rough structure of the lathe and the carteration are degreased and plastered to then be ready for the painting phase, which can be customized according to the request generated by the customer. The entire assembly process is concluded by assembling all the mechanical and electrical components to prepare the machine for the check phase.

Testing is carried out by specialized technicians. We perform tests of turning, check of geometric alignments, correct the lubrication system operation, running in of the spindles and check of sensors and every safety device


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